Jeng Liu and Pyong Gap Min Present on Cram Schools and Twice-Migrant Koreans


On June 14, Professor Jeng Liu (Visiting Scholar at Queens College from Tunghai University, Taiwan) and Pyong Gap Min (Director of the Research Center of Korean Community) presented at the center’s regular seminar series. Professor Liu presented on his findings and experiences from writing “Does Cram School Matter? Who Goes to Cram School?” – a paper examining the net effect of cram schooling on students’ academic performance as well as the hypothesis that participation in cram schools reflect patterns of stratification by gender and family background. Min presented on his paper “Twice-Migrant Koreans from Diasporic Communities in the United States: Their Countries of Origins, Socioeconomic Characteristics, and Attachment to Korea," which focuses on the continents and countries of origin, socioeconomic status, as well as ethnic attachment (to Korea) of immigrants who re-migrated to the United States from other diasporic communities. 


Legal Seminar Held at KCS


 On May 3, three of the research center’s attorneys at law (Jin Soo Choi, Young Soo Choi, Henry Jung) presented on a number of legal issues important for Korean immigrants at KCS. This included issues related to citizenship, labor, tax and commercial laws; laws related to government investigations and criminal defenses; and the Korean government’s laws regarding overseas property of Korean citizens.  This free legal  seminar was open to everyone and followed by a Q&A session where participants had the opportunity to ask specific questions.


Pyong Gap Min and Dong Suk Kim Present at Sa-I-Gu Forum

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On April 23,  the Research Center for the Korean Community and Korean American Voters Council co-organized a forum on the LA riots in commemoration of its 20th anniversary and to reflect on the political development in the Korean community in the United States. Professor Pyong Gap Min, Director of the Research Center for Korean Community, spoke on the "Victimization of Korean Merchants by Boycotts and the Riots and Their Effects on Ethnic Solidarity," and Mr. Dong Suk Kim, Co-Founder, Former President, and Steering Committee Chair of Korean American Voters Council spoke on "The Korean Community's Fight for Empowerment after the LA riots and Its Tasks in the Coming Years."


Professor Pyong Gap Min Presents Research on 2010 Census Data


On February 21, 2012 Pyong Gap Min, Professor of Sociology at Queens College and the Graduate Center at CUNY and Director of the Research Center presented - "Growth and Settlement Patterns of Korean Americans, 1990-2010 (Research Report 4)" (재미교포의 인구성장과 정착 양상, 1990-2010) at KCS. Min's presentation examined Korean population growth and settlement patterns from 1990 to 2010, and particularly focused on Koreans in the New York-New Jersey Consolidated Metropolitan Area.  Min’s presentation was part of regular series of seminars hosted by the Center.


2012 Dissertation Fellowship Recipients Announced

On May 5, the Research Center for Korean Community's 6-member Dissertation Scholarship Committee selected its four recipients for this year's Dissertation Scholarships. The 2012 Global Society of Korea and America Dissertation scholars are as follows:

Minjung Ryu (University of Maryland, College  Park, Doctoral Candidate, Department of Teaching and Learning, Policy and Leadership)

Dissertation Title: “Revisiting the Silence of Korean Immigrant Students: How Korean Immigrant Students Negotiate Identities, Discourses, and Learning in Science Classrooms”

Kimberly McKee (The Ohio State University, Doctoral Candidate, Department of Women’s Studies, Gender and Sexuality Studies)

Dissertation Title: “The Transnational Adoption Industrial Complex: An Analysis of Nation, Citizenship, and the Korean Diaspora”

Young A Jung (George Mason University, Ph.D. Candidate, Department of Cultural Studies; Korea University, Ph.D 2003, Department of Korean Language and Literature)

Dissertation Title: “Emplacing Parenting: Migration and Belonging among Korean kirogi Families”

So-Young Lee (Brandeis University, Ph.D. Candidate, The Heller School for Social Policy and Management, Health Policy)

Dissertation Title: “Impact of Maternal Education Attainment Status on Birth Outcomes by Maternal Nativity Status of Korean Americans”

Pyong Gap Min, Director of the Center said, "Competition for the scholarships this year was very strong.  As a result, four very promising doctoral students were selected as recipients."  

The Committee was initially meant to select three recipients, each receiving $3,000. However, due to the strong applications of both the third and fourth-place candidates, the Committee decided to award both, each receiving $1,500.

Six recipients of last and this year's Dissertation Scholarships are scheduled to participate in a one-day conference to be held on November 17, 2012 - at Queens College tentatively. The six Dissertation Scholars are expected to present their papers based on portions of their dissertations. 

The Global Society for Korea and America (President: Hyun Suk Kang) provides a fund of $9,000 for the Fellowships. Every year, the Research Center publicizes the Scholarships, collects applications, and selects three recipients.  The Research Center also supports the recipients' visits to New York City for the conference. 


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