Statistical Reports

statisticsThis category of data consists primarily of different types of quantitative data, including statistics from census and other survey data on growth and settlement patterns, demographic and socioeconomic characteristics of the Korean population in the United States, and other relevant quantitative data focusing on Korean Americans and Korean immigrant communities. U.S. Census data on the Korean population will be the key component of the quantitative data, and they will be provided in the form of research reports (both short and long). In 2012, the quantitative category of data will focus on results of analyses of the 2010 Census and the 2006-2010 American Community Surveys.

Book Reviews and References

refrencesThis category is comprised of reviews of recently published books and articles, annotated bibliographies on scholars of Korean Americans, and other types of bibliographical information. Generally speaking, this section functions as a reference guide for published works (with the exception of the dissertations) in social science studies focusing on Korean Americans.

The book reviews focus on English-language books on Korean Americans published in the United States. However, we are also open to including English-language books on overseas Koreans as a whole or a particular overseas Korean group settled in another country. The books should be single-authored or edited anthologies that are academically oriented. From time to time, we will also select Korean-language books focusing on particular issues related to Korean-American experiences. If you are interested in submitting a book review/summary, please contact RCKC's web manager at for more details.  

Papers and Book Chapters

paper-bookThis category consists of published and unpublished articles and book chapters about Korean Americans and other overseas Korean populations. While there are many important and varied published works on Korean Americans, there is also a notable amount of writings that have been accepted by journals or edited books that have not yet gone to press. One of the many benefits of the data bank is the convenience with which we can update the content, thus we feel that it is especially important to include these newer journal articles and studies. We will also include some Korean-language articles focusing on Koreans settled in other countries, from the journal Studies of Koreans Abroad.

Qualitative Data

qualitativeThis section of Korean American Data Bank includes more humanistic, less statistically-oriented qualitative information about Korean-American experiences. It includes (1) biographical essays by Korean-American politicians, administrators, advocates, and judges, (2) essays written by individuals who have promoted the Korean language, particularly in the New York-New Jersey area, (3) prize-winning essays written by undergraduate and graduate students (from the 2013 RCKC Essay Contest on Korean Culture), and (4) poems by Chungmi Kim, a Korean-American poet and playwright. In the future, we plan to add more qualitative information and narratives to this section, including oral histories, audio-visual tapes of old-timer Korean immigrants, and stories of different overseas Korean communities based on ethnographic research. In the past, this section included personal narratives on ethnic and racial identity written by 1.5- and second-generation Korean Americans, which were subsequently published in an edited book titled Younger-Generation Korean Experiences in the United States: Personal Narratives on Ethnic and Racial Identities (Lexington Books, 2014).

Community Data

img 1539Since we launched the Korean American Data bank on February 15, 2012, we have posted documents in four separate sections depending on the nature of the information and data: (1) Statistical Reports, (2) References, (3) Papers and Book Chapters, and (4) Qualitative Data. Almost all documents posted thus far, whether quantitative or qualitative, have been more interesting to researchers interested in Korean Americans. As a result, the predominant majority of those who have opened the data files posted on the data bank are presumed to be researchers, with social workers, community leaders, and lay Korean immigrants showing less interest in the data bank.

To provide more practical and useful information for the Korean community, we have created this Community Data section of the Korean American Data Bank. While Statistical Reports, References, and Papers and Book Chapters are geared more towards researchers, this section contains useful information and data for social workers, community leaders, and other lay people who do not conduct research on Korean Americans.

This section contains two important pieces: (1) a list of various Korean community scholarships and contests for Korean students in the New York-New Jersey area, and (2) a list of Korean-American elected and appointed politicians, administrators, advocates, and judges in the United States. We hope to add a comprehensive list of Korean social service and empowerment organizations as well as lists of other ethnic organizations in the New York-New Jersey area. We hope that the items in this section are helpful to organizations and their clients.


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