Bibliography of English-Language Social Science Literature on Korean Americans Featured

This bibliography of English-language social science literature on Korean Americans is intended to be a resource for scholars conducting research on Korean Americans. This document is divided into two main sections: (1) single-authored books and edited anthologies and (2) journal articles and book chapters. Because of the volume of literature on Korean Americans, which has increased significantly since the first version of this report was released in 2010, the journal articles and book chapters have been categorized into different topics, whereas the single-authored monographs and edited anthologies are in one big section titled "Books and Edited Anthologies." The journal articles and book chapters have been categorized according the following topics: (1) History, (2) Immigration and Settlement Patterns, (3) Socioeconomic Attainments and Assimilation, (4) Business and Business-related Inter-Group Conflicts, (5) Gender, Women, Family, the Elderly, and Social Services, (6) Ethnicity and Transnationalism, (7) Adoptees, War Brides, and Other Marginalized Korean Americans, (8) Korean Community, Ethnic Organizations, and Political Development, (9) Religious Practices and Religious Organizations, (10) Children, Education, and Psychology, (11) Health, and (12) Koreans in General. This document will not only help researchers understand research trends, but will also hopefully help them find research issues that are of interest to them. While every attempt has been made to compile a comprehensive bibliography, due to the vastness of research, we realize that we have overlooked some academic social science work. If you know of any published English-language books and/or journal articles on Korean Americans that are not included in this bibliography, please contact us at and let us know. We will update this document periodically.


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