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Statistics on Korean Americans' Marriage and the Family

Statistics on Korean Americans’ marriage and the family are important data for Korean social service agencies.  I believe “The Korean American Family,” a book chapter, co-authored by myself and Chigon Kim, provides the most comprehensive statistics on Korean Americans’ marital patterns and family characteristics.  It has been just published in Ethnic Families in America: Patterns and Variations, Fifth Edition, edited by Rooseelt Wright Jr. and his associates (2012).  Many Korean community leaders and staff members of Korean social service organizations may not have time to read the long (50 page) book chapter.  To help these people and meet the need of other lay readers in Korea and the Korean community in the U.S., I summarize here most important statistics from the book chapter.  It includes four tables, all based on census data.  Table 1 provides data on Korean Americans’ patterns of intermarriages and cross-generational in-marriages by generation. Table 2 presents data on Korean immigrants’ family characteristics.  Table 3 shows elderly Korean immigrants’ living arrangements.  Finally, Table 4 shows generational differences in family characteristics.  Readers who want to get a more extended coverage of Korean American families should read the entire chapter included in Ethnic Families in America.  They can also find many sources focusing on Korean immigrant families in my “Annotated Bibliography on Korean Americans” in the reference section of the data bank.

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