"Identity of Overseas Korean Adoptees and their Use and Evaluation of Post Adoption Services" (Korean-language article) by In-Jin Yoon, Young-Ho Song, and Dae-Young Yang

This study aims to examine the degrees of overseas Korean adoptees’ awareness, use, satisfaction, and evaluation of post-adoption services provided by the Korean government and adoption-related organizations. For this purpose, we conducted an internet survey of 767 overseas Korean adoptees between October and November of 2011. Because identity is an important characteristic of overseas Korean adoptees, we distinguish four types of overseas Korean adoptees by considering the strength and weakness of both Korean identity and adoptee identity. Main findings are as follows. Adoptees who have strong Korean identity are more satisfied than other types of adoptees with services provided by adoptee self-help organizations and adoption-related consulting services. They are also more likely to recognize the necessity of services related with employment and settlement in Korea. By contrast, adoptees who have strong adoption identity are less satisfied than other types of adoptees with longer-term services like family search, job hunting, and medical services. As policy recommendations, we suggest the expansion of long-term services, provision of services tailored to the needs and characteristics of adoptees, improvement of accessibility and use of an one-stop family search information center, expansion of professional adoption consultants, empowerment of adoption self-help organizations, and expansion of mentors for returning adoptees.

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