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For as long as I can remember, I have always felt the need to help people. As a child, I remember feeling sorry for the kids in school who were bullied. Fortunately for me, I was friends with the “popular” crowd, so when I stood up for the kids who were picked on, I was able to influence the bullies to stop their behavior (without any detriment to my own social standing). It was this innate sense of changing things for the better, which perhaps, unbeknownst to me at the time, began my path down a career in politics.

I was born in Springfield, Illinois, “the Land of Lincoln,” to Dr. Chester Chiduk Ha and Katherine Kyunhee Ha. My father graduated from Seoul National University and my mother from Ewha Women’s University, but after college, they decided to attend graduate school in the United States as they set out for the “American Dream.” My father did a brief stint working for the State of Illinois prior to attending graduate school, which is why my brother and I were born in Illinois.

Both of my parents attended Ohio State University for their graduate degrees. My father pursued his Ph.D. in Business/Economics, while my mother pursued her Masters Degree in Microbiology. Needless to say, education was clearly paramount in my household. As second-generation Korean Americans, my parents wanted me and my brother to know that education was the most important factor in getting ahead, and since our parents were procuring graduate degrees, it would be expected that we, too, would pursue higher education.


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