Dr. Yung Duk Kim Receives Community Empowerment Award from KACE

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We are pleased to announce that Dr. Yung Duk Kim, Co-Chair of the Board of Directors of the Research Foundation for Korean Community (RFKC), received the Community Empowerment Award from Korean American Civic Empowerment (KACE) at their annual gala on April 26, 2013.

Dr. Yung Duk Kim was one of four recipients of awards at KACE's gala. The other three awards were community service awards. KACE was founded in 1996 in Flushing in the borough of Queens, NY. This important grassroots advocacy group has made major contributions to the development of Korean political power. In addition to organizing voter registration drives in the New York City metropolitan area (including parts of New Jersey), it has also lobbied politicians on behalf of the Korean-American community, among many other activities.

Dr. Kim has worked tirelessly for Korean-American community empowerment, not just for KACE, but also for a number of other organizations. Even though he is now retired, he works full-time, seven days a week, to help the Korean community. In addition to being a board member at KACE, he is President of the Korean Language Association, a board member for the Korean American League for Civil Action (KALCA), and a board member and an executive committee member of the Korea Society. In 2010, Dr. Kim founded Research Foundation for Korean Community, a non-profit organization that supports our Research Center in a variety of ways. He serves as Co-Chair of the Board of Directors for RFKC. Elder Hae Min Chung, who joined the organization in 2011, is the other esteemed Co-Chair.  

We would like to congratulate Dr. Kim for receiving the award, and we would also like to express our appreciation for all of the important work he has done, not just for our Research Center, but for the Korean and Korean-American communities.


Pyong Gap Min Receives Award from the Overseas Korean Journalists Association

Pyong Gap Min, the director of the Research Center for Korean Community, received an award from the Overseas Korean Journalists Association two weeks ago. Professor Min was awarded one of six "Proud Koreans' Awards" ("자랑스러운 한국인상"). Three award recipients were selected from Korea, and three were selected from overseas Korean communities. He was the only one selected from the U.S. Korean community. The association had an award ceremony in Seoul at their annual conference on April 23, 2013.

The Overseas Korean Journalists Association said that they selected Professor Min because of his outstanding contributions to systematic research on the formation and development of overseas Korean communities. This is the first year that they have awarded this distinction. Professor Min was surprised to have been selected, but he is glad that this association recognizes the importance of research on overseas Koreans.

To read the Korean-language article in the Korea Times (한국일보), click the link below:

Korea Times Article

Conference Group Photo

The Fourth Annual Conference of the Research Center for Korean Community, which was co-organized by the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health at University of Toronto (Dr. Samuel Noh) in conjunction with the RCKC, was held on April 5-6, 2013 at the Rosenthal Library at Queens College.

The theme of this year's conference was "Second-Generation Korean Experiences in the United States and Canada." Fourteen Korean-American and Korean-Canadian scholars gave presentations on a range of subjects, including the economic value of bilingualism among younger-generation Koreans, ethnic insularity among Korean-American Christians, adverse psychological effects of racial and/or ethnic discrimination on Korean Canadians, an examination of Korean "tiger moms" and other approaches to parenting, a comparison of earlier and later cohorts of second-generation Korean Americans, ethnic entrepreneurship and generational mobility among Korean Canadians, and many other interesting subjects. Additionally, Dr. Sung Kil Min from Yonsei University and Seoul Metropolitan Eunpyeong Hospital in South Korea gave a Korean-language presentation on foreign residents and their children in Korea. This year's conference was the Center's biggest so far, in terms of the number of presenters, the number of attendees, and the breadth of the subject matter of the presentations.

We would like to thank everyone who participated, attended, and helped out with this successful two-day conference. We would also like to express special thanks to the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health (Dr. Samuel Noh, Toronto, Ontario), Academy of Korean Studies (South Korea), and Queens College for providing financial support and usage of media equipment and facilities. We would also like to thank the various individuals and businesses who provided support in the form of advertisements in our conference program.  

Click the link below to view the entire program for the conference.

2013 Conference Program

CH Kim Conference Photo

On Wednesday, February 27, 2013, the Director of our Center, Professor Pyong Gap Min, gave a lecture on intergenerational differences of the socioeconomic attainments of Korean Americans. The talk, which was part of the Research Center for Korean Community's ongoing seminar series, took place at Korean Community Services, which is located at 35-56 159th Street, Flushing, NY 11358.


Lexington Books Publishes New Edited Book about Koreans in North America

Lexington Books published Koreans in North America: Their Twenty-First Century Experiences, a new edited anthology, in December 2012. The book, which was edited by the Director of our Center, Pyong Gap Min, features chapters by a number of different scholars who conduct research on overseas Korean populations. Koreans in North America focuses on the twenty-first century experiences of Korean Americans and Korean Canadians, and it features both quantitative data and qualitative information.

To purchase the book from the Lexington Books website, click here or on the picture below.


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