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In July 2016, Bookorea Publishing Company in Seoul published a book titled 뉴욕의 한국어 선생님들 (Korean-Language Teachers in New York). This Korean-language book was edited by Pyong Gap Min (Director of RCKC) and Sejung Yim (Research Associate at RCKC), and it features 15 personal narratives written by Korean language teachers in weekend Korean schools and public schools in the New York-New Jersey area. Min and Yim began working on this book in early 2014.

On Thursday, September 1, 2016, a party celebrating the release of this much-anticipated book was held at KCS (Korean Community Services of Metropolitan New York), 35-56 159th Street, Flushing, NY. Along with our research center, this event was co-organized by The Korean Language Foundation and The Northeast Chapter of the National Association for Korean Schools. Approximately 40 people attended this event.

The book project began as a result of Professor Min conducting interviews with Korean language teachers in weekend Korean schools and public schools for a paper he was working on. During the course of his interviews, he was continually impressed and moved by the dedication shown by these individuals in teaching the Korean language to both Korean and non-Korean children. Consequently, he decided that he wanted to publish an edited anthology of these teachers' stories to share with Koreans in Korea and Korean immigrants in the United States.

Mr. Tae Myung Hong, Ms. Jounghye Rhi, Ms. Jeongsook Hwang, and Ms. Hyunjoo Hwang—four Korean language teachers who wrote essays for the book—read passages from their narratives and gave presentations at the event.

If you are interested in ordering the book, you can order copies by contacting The price will be $25, including shipping, and you should receive the book within 10 days of ordering it.

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