On Thursday, August 29, 2019, RCKC hosted a talk on "Behind-the-Scenes Brain Mechanisms" featuring Dr. Hyesuk Ha of Korea National Open University as part of our regular ongoing seminar series. The event took place at Global Leadership Foundation (GLF), 46-20 Parsons Boulevard, Flushing, NY 11355. An interesting question-and-answer session followed the lecture.

This seminar examined the nature of how we pay attention to things and unseen mechanisms that affect how we perceive and interact with stimuli. Sometimes, people pay close attention to things that are unseen; the things that we see are temporary and fleeting, while unseen forces can be eternal. Things that are really important in life are often invisible. Professor Ha will discuss some of the invisible brain mechanisms that operate behind the scenes of our visible behavior. Fundamental issues of trauma, identity, and relationships will be examined from a psychological point of view.

Professor Hyesuk Ha earned her Ph.D. in Educational Counseling from Seoul National University. She is currently a professor of youth education at Korea National Open University and teaches counseling. She has published a number of books and scholarly articles, including Secrets of Psychotherapy, Multicultural Counseling, Youth and Parents, and Counseling for Youth.