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It is with great pleasure that we announce the long-awaited publication of our edited volume on the "comfort women" issue and the redress movement. The full title of the book is Japanese Military Sexual Slavery: The Transnational Redress Movement for the Victims, and it is part of DeGruyter Books' "Genocide and Mass Violence in the Age of Extremes." The book was co-edited by RCKC staff members Pyong Gap Min, Thomas R. Chung, and Sejung Sage Yim.

We are also very happy that this volume is available as a free, open-access E-book/E-Pub, which means that it is accessible to everyone free of charge.
Having this E-book be free and accessible to everyone in order to spread awareness about this important and under-studied issue was very important to us, as well as to Frank Jacob, the series editor of the "Genocide and Mass Violence" book series at DeGruyter.

Click here to access the E-Book via the Google Play reader

DeGruyter has also published a hardcover hard copy of the book, which is available now. The paperback will be available in February 2021. The hardcover and open-access free E-book are both available on DeGruyter's website:

Click here to visit the DeGruyter website

Please enjoy the E-book (which is downloadable as a PDF) and publicize and share it widely with your friends, family, colleagues, and entire social network.

We would like to thank all of the scholars and activists who wrote and revised excellent chapters for the book, and who have devoted so much of their time and energy to conducting research, organizing social movements, and spreading awareness of the "comfort women" issue in the name of achieving justice. In addition, we would also like to express special thanks to Frank Jacob, Rabea Rittgerodt, and Anett Rehner of DeGruyter Books for their important roles in getting this book published, as well as for their meticulous attention to detail.

The staff members at The Research Center for Korean Community (all of whom are working remotely) hope that you are all staying safe and healthy during this scary and disruptive COVID-19 pandemic.


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