Bibimbap World Tour Group


Bibimbap Tour

The Research Center hosted the Bibimbap World Tour group at Queens College on December 12, 2011. A group of five Korean college students traveled all over the world (mostly to well-known universities and other organizations) to publicize bibimbap, a healthy Korean dish consisting of rice, meat, and vegetables, which are mixed with gochujang, a Korean hot paste. Queens College was the group’s 99th and final stop on the tour outside of Korea. The students planned to have their 100th and last bibimbap demonstration in Seoul upon returning to Korea. Approximately 400 Queens College students and faculty/staff members attended the power point demonstration about the health benefits of bibimbap. At the conclusion of the presentation, bibimbap was served, to the delight of the attendees. Several local politicians and Queens College President James Muyskens gave congratulatory remarks to members of the tour group and the participants.


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